Under 10/Over 19 Players Registration


  1. Each region must establish a Registration Committee to be chaired by the Minor Council Representative and have a minimum of 3 members and no more than 5 named by the region at a Board meeting. The Registration Committee must be set up on or before August 15th of each year.
  2. The application to register a team below or above the minimum or maximum numbers would be initiated by the local Minor Hockey Association's President who must provide rationale as to why they are requesting this variance of the team formation regulation.
  3. The request will be electronically forwarded to the Association's respective Region for approval who in turn will forward it to the appropriate Regional Registrar for final approval.
  4. The Regional Registrar to inform Regional Registration Committee of all applicable regulations.
  5. The Regional registration committee reviews the request and forwards the information to the Hockey Manitoba Regional Registrar and if approved, it is forwarded to the Hockey Manitoba Executive Director.
  6. The Executive Director and the appropriate Chair review the application.
  7. The decision is forwarded to the respective Hockey Manitoba Regional Registrar who informs the applicant.

All applications that are approved by Hockey Manitoba allowing a roster above 19 players will have the following conditions applied to each acceptance:

  1. That the team can dress only 19 players (17 players and 2 goalies) in any given exhibition, league or play-off games.
  2. All applications must meet the guidelines in order for the branch to approve such requests. All written documentation must have been submitted with the application. Do not assume that each application is approved until approval as been indicated.